this is the the homepage of MICHAEL HOPPE, musician

short notice:
new album 'put a filter to your ears and just smile through it' released November 23, 2018.

i'll be playing live at CASHMERE RADIO a double bill with 13YC on MARCH 9TH. broadcast will be some day later. if the weather decides not to suck this hard all day, there might even be some new material...cheers

WHOOO! record release was very nice indeed... thanks for all the support etcetc! got some nice reviews in VITAL WEEKLY and on TONESHIFT filled with many quotes i can print on my business cards. also there are some gigs soon to be announced, so feel free to drop by once in a while. or just don't and just come to the concerts

i'll be playing:
on November, 21 at Schrpp H*w*** the release concert,
on December, 6 at Schokoladen together with plastiq

you can download:
a press photo here
some info about the album here